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    Slovenia is a country of all those who live in it, work, create, breathe its air, enjoy its features, enrich it, leave their mark on it, and more. These marks are left in a number of areas; ranging from science, research, culture and art, to economic areas. These marks are also left by the interesting faces that chose Slovenia as their new homeland. 

    Slovenians like to boast of the country’s diverse regions and cultural diversity. Slovenia is also rich for its people of different nationalities, who live in its territory and enrich its society, further contributing to the intercultural understanding.

    We asked our interesting faces about their views on the Slovenia’s quarter of a century existence: How do they experience Slovenia? Why is Slovenia also their homeland? What has changed for the better in this time and why did they stay in Slovenia? Which are the advantages of living in Slovenia? What could be better? They held an interesting mirror up to the country and its citizens. Interested?



    Home is a place of prosperity, health, safety, belonging, beauty etc., in short a place that gives you satisfaction. more >


    My name is Daniela Alexandra Teixeira da Costa Ribeiro, I come from Portugal. more >


    When I first moved to Slovenia in 1993, I used to symbolically equate myself with the country. more > 

    I have been living in Slovenia longer than I lived in my home country and do not know exactly when Slovenia became my second home country.    more >


    I began to consider my possible future in Slovenia through famous Slovenian athletes. "My" Slovenia was first only limited to Pokljuka. more >


    Happy 25th birthday, Slovenia! In you I see a new home, chosen above any other country in Europe. more >


    Already on my first short visit to Slovenia in 1998 I was enthralled by idyllic Bled. Six years later, a business opportunity brought me here again and I stayed. more >


    My name is Edina Silić. I was born in 1984 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I graduated from the Faculty of Education and worked as school teacher. more >

    Arriving in Slovenia was love at first sight. It was a surprisingly warm and sunny day in September 2014, perfect to be welcomed by the sight of the Alps. more >


    I moved to Slovenia in 2007 when the country was ‘just’ 16 years old. It’s amazing to think that next year I will have been here 9 years. more >


    When I received your message, my first thought was "why me", but then I reconsidered it and became aware that I had brought something into this country. more >  


    I spent my youth, gathered knowledge, experienced the country’s beauties and started a family in Slovenia. more >


    My first country is Mali where I was born and where I spent a happy early childhood, of which I am very proud. more >


    Is the fact that I have been living in Slovenia for over twelve years and that I am married to a Slovenian woman ... sufficient to consider Slovenia my homeland? more >


    I came to Yugoslavia, a country little known to me, as a student at the tender age of 18. more >


    One might say that it was my own personal interest in the country that brought me to Slovenia. more > 


    Twenty-five years of independence can be considered either a short or long period, depending on the aspect from which the period is assessed and analysed. more >