About the website

The website www.Slovenija25.si, or www.Slovenia25.si, is an important part in the range of one-year's activities that will take place from the celebration held upon the 25th anniversary of the independence plebiscite (23rd December 2015) to the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia (23rd December 2016). 

With the content and festive events of the year, we would like to reach the widest possible audience and also to include you into the active celebration of this important anniversary. We publish different events of various organizers in the calendar, as well as news from the local communities, school environments, embassies, associations, i.e. from everyone who is honouring the 25th anniversary. The site is a meeting point for chronological and historical data and content about the activities of the state in the international field, as well as for the rich graphical and video material. 

Special focus at content was placed on the young people, i.e. those younger than the state and those who were born in the critical period before or at the time when Slovenia was acquiring its independence and grew up in the autonomous state, went through childhood diseases and puberty moodiness; some of them have already became of age and are now adults. In the Young Voices (Slovenian: Glas mladih) section, we asked young people how they experience the state, what are the pros and cons of being young in Slovenia, where the country still has hidden potentials and what advice would they give to other young people. 

Slovenians like to boast about the country's landscape and cultural diversity. But Slovenia is also enriched by people from different parts of the world who chose it for their new homeland and who contribute to the multicultural diversity. What do they experience? Why did they stay here and what do they have to say on the 25th anniversary? 

In the section entitled The World in Slovenia (Slovenian: Svet v Sloveniji), we asked some interesting individuals about their thoughts on the last 25 years of the state. 

The perspective on the country "from the inside" is often different, but nevertheless important. The section called Slovenia in the World (Slovenian: Slovenija v svetu) offers insights of Slovenians living and working abroad. 

A part of the web site is also devoted to the Slovenian symbols which both connect and unite the people. Alongside the state symbols, the topics include the Triglav's Aljaž Tower, the linden tree, the Slovenian language, our national pride of the Planica sports facility, the bees and painted beehive panels, the Prince's Stone, and much more. You are welcome to write and tell us what symbols do you consider typically Slovenian; we will add the content throughout the year. 

Perhaps in the world history 25 years does not seem long, but in the history of the Slovenian nation this time-frame certainly represents a period of "colossal" changes. Especially when we look at the achievements of our country in foreign politics. These achievements are collected in the section called Slovenia in the World. However, not to shed light on developments in Slovenia, a centenarian who lived in several states without moving one single time, described our path to independence and democratization. After the Hapsburg Monarchy, the State of Slovenians, Croats and Serbs (i.e. the Kingdom of Yugoslavia), the Third Reich (the Italian and Hungarian rule) and the socialist Yugoslavia, he finally lived fully and freely in the independent Slovenia. As the author of a historical review under the section entitled Steps to the Republic put it: "If we look at the transition period through the eyes of this centenarian, we will see the last twenty-five years differently, but it is in the hands of us citizens to judge whether the time was used to our benefit and in a good way." 


The website content and design to commemorate the 25th anniversary was prepared by the Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia according to the design solution from the dvajset.si website, which was established upon the 20th anniversary of Slovenian independence. The technical implementation of the website provided by: ORG. TEND. The photographs for the website background provided by: Mostphotos December 2015