Symbols of Slovenia


Slovenia is remarkably diverse country, with pristine nature, a vibrant culture, a rich history and an enviable quality of life. The Slovenian identity was shaped by various symbolic icons. It took a long time for the rich blend of old and new to mould into an independent Slovenian nation. When we are talking about Mt. Triglav, linden tree, beekeeping, or Slovenian gastronomy, we are actually talking about ourselves.

The design of Slovenian national symbols was influenced by historical circumstances: the Slovenian struggle for independence, the struggle to preserve the Slovenian language, the struggle for a unified and autonomous political-administrative entity, a united Slovenia, and the struggle for fundamental political and human rights. The basis of Slovenian national symbols was formed in the 19th century in accordance with the concept of national awakening. The national symbols of Slovenia are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, and their use is provided by law.



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