Symbols of Slovenia

Planica - the Snow Queen

Planica, the cradle of ski jumping

Ski jumping is a sport many believe to have been invented by Slovenians. Every year in March there is a traditional ski jumping competition held in Planica. The competition is a real festival of sport and the culmination of Slovenian winter sports events. 

Where the Bloudek ski jumping hill used to be and later on the giant Planica ski jumping hill, and where world records were set and broken, today stands the modern Planica Nordic Centre. The Centre boasts newly equipped ski jumping hills, a cross-country skiing stadium and an accompanying facility for cross-country skiing tracks. In addition to an artificial snowmaking system, ski lifts, a stadium for football and track and field events, cycling and walking paths, cultural heritage park, information and catering facilities, and high quality tourist and sport services will also be provided.

Planica with its charisma remains a vital symbol of Slovenian identity. It is an expression of Slovenians’ love for sport, while the events in Planica are a national sports holiday and, undoubtedly, the biggest sporting event of the year.