Symbols of Slovenia

The Lipizzaner

The Lipizzaners

The Lipizzaner is one of the oldest cultural horse breeds in the world. The name of the breed is derived from Lipica, its point of origin in the Slovenian Karst. The cradle of the Lipizzaner is the Lipica Stud Farm, established by the Habsburg Archduke Charles II in 1580. The Lipizzaner is one of the foundations of Slovenian pride and a symbol of which we Slovenians boast.

The Lipizzaner is a harmoniously built, elegant and noble horse of medium frame suitable for performing classic dressage elements, riding and coach-drawing. It has a benevolent nature and a vivacious temperament.

Lipica trains first-class horses for the Spanish Riding School, where they demonstrate the haute école or "high school" movements of classical dressage. This is the highest degree of training that a horse can achieve. It is an extremely demanding equestrian art whose movements are based on those naturally performed by the horse when at liberty. Lipizzaners are made to measure for this and are certainly the best at it of all breeds of horse.