Voice of the youth

Slovenia – the soaring bird constantly seeking to link with others? 

The period of youth is a very relative concept and may be different for everyone. Moreover, every society has its own "official" definition of youth. According to the UN definition, young people are persons at an age between 15 and 24 years, while the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth and the Employment Service of Slovenia extend this category to people between 15 to 29 years of age. Some people, however, stay, at least at heart, forever young. 

Our country, at only 25 years of age, is young too. And how do young people perceive it? Do they feel good in it? Do they have conditions for education, work, personal growth and hobbies? Can young people be successful at home or do they see their future elsewhere? What are the advantages and drawbacks of life for the youth in Slovenia? Where are the hidden reserves, and what advice would they give to other young people?

Answers to these and many other questions were sought with successful secondary-school and university students, who convey to us the following message: not everything is as desperate as it may seem; where there is will there is a way. Among other things, we also asked them a slightly bizarre question: What would Slovenia be if it were an animal? A bird in unhindered flight that constantly seeks links with others or a mother-hen taking care of her chickens and protecting them? But, in order not to reveal too much, we invite you to see and read it for yourselves.



One of its primary features is its size, its minuteness, which is actually in stark contrast with Slovenia's diversity. more >


It seems to me that creativity should be promoted more, and opportunities should be expanded through various competitions. more >


If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a bee or an ant. People are industrious, hardworking, and do their best at work. more >


Slovenia is very small. I believe this is an advantage for those who seek promotion in science. However, this smallness is also a disadvantage. more >


If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a bird. As we get older, we tend to fly away. We travel a lot outside our country. Few people remain in Slovenia. more >


If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a bird. Because it seems to me that Slovenia tries hard to expand, to maintain contacts with other countries.


A very small, green country with a small capital, where people are generally friendly. more >


I perceive Slovenia as a country whose population is highly educated. There is compulsory schooling, education is free. more >


A constitutional state does not have to be loved, it must be understood. več >


Every so often we say that there is something wrong with young people these days. Even the ancient Greeks used to say that something was wrong with their youngsters. more > 


Slovenia is a small, very beautiful country, full of good people and picturesque places. If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a hen. more >


In Slovenia, we have the opportunity of free education almost up to the age of 26 years, which means a lot for a person's development. more >


If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a hen, because of its shape. Or a tiger that attacks the world. It could also be some reclusive, smart, or cunning animal. more >


We are small. On the one hand, this is good. We all know each other, and you can quickly get from one end of the country to the other. On the other hand, this is a disadvantage. more >


I would advise students to study hard in order to be successful, and to also participate in public life and government activities, including elections. more >


If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a dog. The dog is a very obedient animal. more >


If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a giraffe.  Despite its small territory, it reaches very high.