Young voices

Matija S. (24 years)

Slovenia is very small. I believe this is an advantage for those who seek promotion in science. However, this smallness is also a disadvantage, because people are not aware of their potential. Perhaps Slovenians are rather humble by nature, and therefore they do not try to make use of their potential. If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a hen. This is an animal that is useful and small; every now and then it also lays an egg. Many Slovenians are very hardworking. When they start working on something, they are quite persistent and show a great deal of perseverance. And therefore they often succeed. Slovenia's hidden reserves are in tourism and high-tech industries. We cannot compete with cheap labour or heavy industry. Technology should be confined to companies and research centres, which should be supported as far as possible. On the other hand, legislation should be adjusted so as to facilitate the development of a variety of tourist activities. Namely, we have such natural resources that it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. I would suggest that young people in Slovenia should engage in as many different activities as possible. Should one want to succeed in Slovenia, the main precondition is not to be apathetic. Apathy is the main obstacle that should be avoided at all costs.