Young voices

Tim P. (16 years)

If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a hen, because of its shape. Or a tiger that attacks the world. It could also be some reclusive, smart, or cunning animal. The advantage of Slovenia is that education is free and that there is a variety of different schools into which you can enrol. I would suggest that young people learn and to find what they want to do. Slovenians are successful in international competitions because of the school system. Many mentors that we have encourage us to participate in competitions and to study. But it is also one's own will that is important; that we love our work and enjoy it, that we try to do our best and that we do not study only for grades. My parents are also partly responsible for my success. When I was still very young they suggested that I attend the programmer's Olympics and also helped me to prepare for it. We also have very good mentors at the Institute of Computer Engineering. They help, teach and encourage us, and are available to us at all times.