Young voices

Tjaša V. (17 years)

Slovenia is a small, very beautiful country, full of good people and picturesque places. If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a hen. Ant that not only because of its shape. In the same way as mother hen takes care of its chickens, so Slovenia takes care of its people and protects them. The advantage of Slovenia is in its small size, connections between people, and knowledge of all parts of the country. But, at times, this smallness is also a disadvantage because it hinders us. Because we feel small and inferior, we are too ready to follow in the footsteps of other countries. We consider others to be superior, although in fact we ourselves are those that are bestowed with many talents and potentials for accomplishments. Slovenia’s hidden potential is precisely in its young generation. Young people have many talents in different areas, but the education system blocks them as it is focused too much on the accumulation of knowledge. I would tell the citizens of Slovenia that yes, we can!, and we need to prove it. To young people I would suggest that they discover their talents, build upon them, and thus contribute to a better society.