Young voices

Martina L. (17 years)

If Slovenia were an animal, it would be a bee or an ant. People are industrious, hardworking, and do their best at work. Because we are not many, we, Slovenians, are connected with each other, we have many talents, are able to think and make use of our knowledge. The schools should provide more practical work rather than theoretical. More effort should be directed into the use of knowledge acquired and not only into the acquisition of knowledge per se. Slovenia’s hidden reserves are in the achievements of our athletes and the success of young people in international competitions. This is a promotion of the country. The success of our young people at international competitions is due to their enthusiasm and hard work. We are willing to work and we are confident of our capabilities. On the anniversary of independence, I would tell the citizens to fight for what they believe in. May they get together and never (blindly) submit to the system. To young people I would say not to give up and to keep learning, because knowledge is important.