Planting of the 50th Slovenian-Czech friendship Linden tree

Planting of Slovenian-Czech friendship Linden tree has a 16 years long tradition. First Linden tree has been planted in the Czech town Tabor 21 March 2000. In Slovenia, the first Linden tree of this kind has been planted in Zgornje Jezersko at the occasion of the 100. Anniversary of the openning of hut Češka koča under Grintovec mountain 30 July 2000.

Is looks like a destiny that the 50th Slovenian-Czech friendship Linden tree will be planted in June this year, when we celebrate 25 Anniversary of our independence.

Linden tree will stand on a simbolic place – in the close vicinity of the famous church designed by Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik in the Vinohrady, one of the Prague's most known and picturesque districts. Architect Plečnik is even more known in Prague as an architect of the Prague castle's renewal during the time of the first Czechoslovakia's president T.G. Masaryk. 

Planting will be followed by a shot cultural programme with a welcome speech of Slovenian Ambassador in Prague H.E Leon Marc. Photos of the event will be uploaded on the Embassy's Facebook page.

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