National celebration Independence and Unity Day and the 25th anniversary of the plebiscite

On Wednesday 23 December 2015, the central national ceremony in honour of the Independence and Unity Day and the 25th anniversary of the plebiscite on the independence of Slovenia will be held in the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana. The speaker at the celebration will be the President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Miroslav Mozetič, M.A. The ceremony at Cankarjev Dom, which will be broadcast live by the Radio and Television of Slovenia, will begin at 8 p.m.   

The main speech will be followed by a musical programme, consisting mainly of new compositions with lyrics from Slovenian youth poetry.

The selection of youth texts with meaningful messages as the basis for the formation of the celebration of the Independence and Unity Day has been well thought through and considered. Youth poetry is intended for those who are seeking and planning their place in society; so, first and foremost, it addresses the future generations of Slovenian men and women. Due to the multi-layered nature of its topics, it does not only address young people, but also more mature readers: it encourages a conversation between such texts and young and old readers, it connects various generations of creators and readers; it researches classic topics focusing on our common future. 

Such connectedness as the fundamental principle of the programme outline of the celebration is also expressed in its musical section. The artistic programme covers stylistically diverse musical genres: classic, pop, jazz, ethnic, rock, metal, rap, fusion, and folk music. This mosaic of musical expressions, taking into account various musical tastes, is justified due to a number of historical commemorations: 20 years ago, a bone of a cave bear was found, which had small holes, presumably made by Neanderthals; because the bone was not randomly bitten, experts have concluded that this is the oldest instrument in the world. Therefore, the musical programme will begin with the sounds from a replica of this instrument, performed by Ljuben Dimkaroski. Tomi Meglič, Tokac, Maja Keuc, Tinkara Kovač, Darja Švajger, Martina Burger, Nina Strnad, Omar Naber, Murat&Jose, Katrinas, Metalsteel, Orkester Harmonik, the zytherist Tomaž Plahutnik and the violinist Lana Trotovšek are the solo artists and groups, accompanied by the Orchestra of the Slovenian Philharmonics, the Choir of the Slovenian Philharmonics and a band put together especially for this occasion (drums, bass guitar, piano and guitar) conducted by the author of the concept and composer Rok Golob. The stage set-up of the director and set designer Rocco shows the entire depth of the mighty stage in the Gallus Hall and the set is based on the element of fire: 25 flames represent a symbol of the 25th anniversary of the plebiscite on the independence of Slovenia. The solemn ritual event will be accompanied by dancers led by choreographer Miha Krušič and a video by Jasna Hribernik.

Fire: action, will, and energy – destructive, purifying, yet creative. Fire, which with its warmth and light symbolises life and make us feel at home, is also connected with the image of the sun and the sun flower in Kosovel's poetry, the light of starry glades in the verses of Bina Štampe Žmavc or the love "dual" in Lainšček's poem, all culminating in the greeting and ode to life resounding from the concluding poem by Pavček with the meaningful title: Hello, life!

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