GOLD DUST The 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s monetary independence

Twenty-five years ago, Slovenia embarked on the path of an independence that was strewn with gold dust – the Slovenian tolar – at the very beginning. By introducing its own currency, Slovenia expressed its economic independence, and the specially designed notes and coins also gave it an original image.

This exhibition will introduce the worlds of three artists connected into one topic. The works by the Spanzel family members speak of the past and the future of the Slovenian currency, about the gold dust that accompanied an independent Slovenia for over 15 years, and about the gold dust that can take us to a brighter future through art. Who better to introduce us to this topic than Rudolf Spanzel, the father of Slovenian money, Biljana Unkovska, the mother of Macedonian money, and their son Dorian Spanzel, who gave art the role of a messenger proclaiming the absurdities of today’s consumer society?

The opening of the exhibition will be on Wednesday, 16 November 2016, at 19:00.

The exhibition taking place in the National Museum of Slovenia reminds us of the former glory of the Slovenian tolar and highlights the portraits of important Slovenians featured on banknotes as depicted by the academic painter Rudolf Spanzel.

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