Exhibition "I feel Slovenia. I Feel 25." in Riga

To mark the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence a photography exhibition entitled "I Feel Slovenia. I Feel 25."  will be held from 12 to 30 September 2016 in Riga. 

Would you like to feel Slovenia in Riga? Would you like to feel right at home? A series of photographs shows what Slovenia really is – a boutique, green, and active country, one that is focused on sustainable development. Handpicked photographs, taken by renowned Slovenian photographers tell its story. This exhibition depicts Slovenia’s rich natural, cultural and social heritage, well-known and less known spectacular places hidden in its diverse landscape, and the various activities of its people. 

Did you know that Slovenia is truly exceptional? The world's oldest wooden wheel was discovered in Slovenia, the country has one of the highest levels of biodiversity, the largest underground canyon in the world, the biggest intermittent lake in Europe, and the largest proportion of national territory included in the Natura 2000 Network; it is situated at the crossroads of different languages, and is one of the richest European countries in terms of water resources per capita, etc. The photographs capture images of Slovenia's nature, cultural heritage, architectural gems, and the life of its people. 

The exhibition is prepared by the Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with Slovenia Press Photo.

*** If you attended any of the "Slovenia's 20" events and would like to share your impressions and photos then please send them to: slovenia25@gov.si