Conference 25 years of the Republic of Slovenia – challenges, dilemmas, expectations

For many people, twenty-five years of the Republic of Slovenia is a relative concept. While some do not find the anniversary particularly important and others would, due to a number of opportunities the country has wasted, prefer not to commemorate it at all, some people feel that the 25 years of existence deserve a special celebration. With the same sense of relativity, the anniversary is treated among historians and in the field of Slovene historiography; on the one hand, the year is 2016 not a noteworthy milestone in history of the Republic of Slovenia, while, on the other hand, the 25 years of its existence are sure to encourage a more active research engagement regarding this period.

Anyone who decides to research this, still topical period of history, will quickly find that it is full of events and issues that need to be systematically analysed. There is no shortage of dilemmas connected with research and presentation of the history of the Republic of Slovenia. Researchers (and the public) are interested in numerous issues and possibilities:

The question about the archival material and other documents that are (not) available to researchers

The methodological questions pertaining to the issue of time distance, variety of sources (their quantity, accessibility, organisation, authenticity etc.).

The questions about presenting the period (in museums, on the internet etc.).

The possibility (and necessity) to attract reviews and studies conducted by other disciplines that have dealt with contemporary issues (particularly political science, sociology, economics and some others).

Because of all that, the Institute of Contemporary History has decided to organise a conference to detect and specify problems tied to studying the period of independent Slovenia. The fundamental goal of the conference is to establish a coherent methodological and problem-oriented basis suitable for future research.


 Invitation and Conference Porgramme (790 KB)

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